Platypus Animal Skateboarding T-shirt


Product Details :

Heavyweight T-shirt
Classic, loose Fit
Preshrunk Jersey Knit
Double Needle hems and neck band for durability
Solid Colors 100% Cotton, Charcoal Heather is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, Sport Grey is 90% Cotton, 10% Poly, Ash is 99% Cotton, 1% Poly

All products are made-to-order and proudly printed with the best screenprinting or print to garment processes available. As such, they do not include embellishments such as rhinestones or glitter. While we make every effort to provide a consistent product per run, hues and brands may vary due to supply chain availability but will be of comparable or better quality.


The Platypus Animal Skateboarding T-shirt is not merely another piece of clothing; it’s a statement, a declaration of individuality. It embodies the essence of skate culture and the spirit of adventure. With its vibrant colors and bold design, wearing this shirt instantly sets you apart from the crowd.

But let’s go beyond just the aesthetics. The platypus featured on this shirt represents a unique blend of different elements, just like the animal itself. Just as the platypus combines features from various species, skateboarders draw inspiration from diverse sources to create their own distinctive style. This t-shirt celebrates that creativity and non-conformity, reminding us that we should never be afraid to pursue our passions and express ourselves authentically.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the undeniable links between skating and freedom. There is an unparalleled feeling of liberation that comes with gliding across streets or grinding on ramps. And what better animal to symbolize this unrestrained spirit than the platypus? Its ability to navigate both land and water effortlessly reflects how skateboarders push boundaries and defy limitations in pursuit of their goals.

So next time you’re looking for a new addition to your wardrobe that goes beyond fashion trends, consider the Platypus Animal Skateboarding T-shirt. Own your identity, embrace your uniqueness, and let your passion for skating shine through each time you put it on.


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